Monday, 27 February 2012

Desh Media badge on Facebook & Twitter

Yes ! You Can win a 500 GB Hard-disk free. 
If you wear a badge of Desh Media on Facebook & Twitter Profile.

This is for the purpose of Promotion of Desh Media Company. We are going to select 10 people who will this prize for keeping a badge of Desh Media for a Month.

How to Make Sure You win the Prize:
  1. Like Our Page 'Desh Media',  'Makers of Perfect India'
  2. Wear a Badge by Finding it in Desh Media page's applications.
  3. Ask Your Friends to do it & let us know to asked to wear by sending a Message. More the no. of Friends more will be your chances to win as this will be the most essential criteria for selecting winner.
  4. Check All the updates of Desh Media & Share which you find good to share(at-least 5).
Enjoy ! Wearing a Badge...

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